Our Privacy Policy

This privacy policy page in our site would discuss everything you need to know about our site's policy when it comes to accumulating information from our users or visitors, how we do it and of course, what we do with them. If you continue using our website, bear in mind that it is with the caveat that you agree with our privacy policy at all times.

We at Squeeze Play Cards aims to provide you with the best environment to indulge in for your card collecting hobby. To ensure that you'll always have a continuously improving experience in our site, we may require you to render some information at some point in time. No need to worry though because we make sure to keep your information confidential and use it only to bolster our capability to serve you with better service.

There would also be points in time where we may gather information on your visit which could include pages you visit, words you search and more. This would help us optimize the site to your preference and also, we could use it to further make our site suitable for card collecting individuals like you.

Changes to this policy may also happen from time to time and we reserve our rights to do these modifications with our policy when need be and this is even without prior notice so it would be better if you check on our policy from time to time.