The Different Printable Parlay Cards

Football and soccer are easily the sport most revered in the sports betting environment. It is incredibly famous and there are tons of fans throughout the globe, which also opens a whole new opportunity for wagers to make money all while enjoying their favourite sports game. There are plenty of betting options in this category though and if you're looking for something more unique and comes with more payout than others, then you'll definitely want to go for parlay bets. Regular waging calls for one to place their bets on individual teams while in the case of Parlay, one would have to bet on multiple teams and judge which team loses and wins. The process can become extremely complex in some points and for it, NFL betting cards like the Parlay Cards have been made.

There are plenty of printable parlay cards online which you can download and use at your convenience. This makes it even more evident just how famous this option is for bettors. The football betting cards for NFL parlay bets include a guide or a reference to the amount of money you'll gain for each betting scenario that you'll be in this betting option. This reference is something that would surely be helpful for you when you're making a decision but of course, it also comes in diverse NFL betting cards. There are some printable parlay card types here that you'll surely be able to use in the future.

Teaser Card

There's little to no doubt that one of the most famous NFL betting cards is the teaser card. Although it uses half points as well to make sure that no ties are going to happen, it comes with vastly different spread compared to the half-point type of card. In this kind of card, underdogs could bask in more points while on the other end of the spectrum, the favourite teams would have to cover a smaller number of points in order for them to win. However, it is noteworthy to remember that it comes with smaller payout and the fact that you could parlay for as little as three teams or as many as twenty.

Early Bird Cards

There are many punters out there who may be eager to place their bets on this kind of option even during the preseason. However, not all cards are available outside of the major seasons but, early bird card is just the right card for that. It is something that is played daily and the odds or the sheet for the card are redistributed for two days every week. The availability of this card surpasses the availability of other cards and it is a great choice for those who want to continuously bet in this category before the National Football League enters the fray.

Half-Point Parlay Card

When it comes to NFL betting cards or football betting cards, it is certain that this half-point card is one of the most famous out there, and this is even more so when you take Las Vegas into consideration as this card is more revered in Sin City. Just like the teaser card, the points are spread through half points, eliminating the possibility that a tie would happen but the key characteristic of this kind of card lies in its lucrative pay-offs. When you're dealing with a three-team parlay which is the minimum, you'll have an outstanding payoff of 6.5 to 1 while on the other hand, a 20-tea parlay could allow one to win a payoff of 2,500 to 1.