Playing Card Collections

There are plenty of items that can be collected throughout the globe, some of which you certainly know like rare and valuable sports cards, trading cards and more. There's little to none who will deny the fact that cards are part of the most collectable items back in the past and even today and if you're keen on really collecting the deal, then you'll surely be more thrilled to set your sights on playing card collections as well. Though they may not showcase some of your favourite figures or other equipment of some sports you fancy, these awesome playing cards are extremely beautiful to the point where you just have to collect them.

Playing card collections isn't a new thing and in fact, there are plenty of beautiful playing cards out there which really exude a vibe that you just have to collect them. Of course, if all you know are the regular decks posted and seen in your local shops, then you may not be able to appreciate this type of collecting but when you know more about some of the most famous playing card collections, then you'll surely be itching to join the fray and set up your own empire of playing cards right inside your home. Squeeze Play Cards is here to give you a glimpse of some of the playing card collections you'd love to see and add to your playing cards collections.

Rare Bicycle Cards

No, this isn't some card featuring famous cyclist but rather, it refers to a brand of playing card called the Bicycle. They have been one of the major playing card creators during the recent years and their cards are downright beautiful that they can easily be included as one of the best playing card decks. If you're looking for some rare bicycle cards though, you have to exert more money in the process and more effort to look for them. One type of deck from this brand that you'll surely want to add to your collection is the Boss Deck, made for a kick starter campaign and comes in 100 bucks per deck. There are only about a couple of thousands of it worldwide making it an extremely rare deck to add to your arsenal.

Casino Playing Cards

When playing cards are the main topic, no way can we leave out playing cards used in a casino. There are some small-time casinos out there which may just use regular card decks but, there are some out there which users more awesome playing cards than you think. Not to mention, collecting casino playing cards have more history or substance to it other than collecting cards that are only beautiful and unique. When it comes to Casino Playing cards, there are some collectors out there who may specifically be looking for playing cards used by famous casinos which may still be operating or those which may have halted for some reason. This kind of cards have their own story and as such, more often than not, they show off more value than regular card decks.

David Blaine Card - Microsoft

If you're looking for really rare playing cards, then the Microsoft Card Deck is simply something that you must get although it could be near impossible to get one due to its extreme rarity. As the name suggests the card deck was specifically made for Microsoft and its employees, created by none other than Expert Playing Cards Co. They created it as a form of souvenir in a function so you could imagine just how few of them were created. The fact that it was the card design used by David Blaine in the function along with other reasons makes it extremely valuable.