Top Casino Card Games

Since antiquity, card games have been one of the most famous games played on top of the table. They refer to games that are played with cards and can be played for leisure but more often than not, for gambling as well due to its impeccable elements that fit its nature. The history of this kind of table games is rich and extensive as there are some famous card games in the past that have survived until today and remains one of the games used in brick-and-mortar casinos and even online establishments. Casino card games are easy to play which is why Squeeze Play Cards offers in-depth info on the most popular card games found at both land-based and online casinos.


Blackjack can easily be one of the most famous casino card game out there. It is also known as 21 and this is because of the fact that the goal of the game for the player to go as close to the amount of 21 when given the cards by the house. Yes, the game is not a battle between dealers or the players but rather, they are between a dealer and the house or the establishment itself. The player's goal is to simply go over the score of the house but, this is with the caveat that neither the player or the house should go over 21 or they'll go bust. There are also many strategies encompassing the game, some of which are even considered legendary like card counting, shuffle tracking and more.


Baccarat is yet another card game famous for being about between a banker and the player wherein the former refers to the representative of the establishment. The game is more of a comparing game as well with simple rules to follow. Two hands are compared with each other and of course, the one with the high score wins and if both comes with the same score then it's a tie. The scoring is simple and the process, extremely easy to follow but, it is said that the house edge in this game favours the banker. There are also variations of the game which makes it thrilling to play - from the punto banco, Baccarat Chemin and even the Baccarat Banque.


One of the biggest card game throughout the globe is undisputedly poker. It even has national and international tournaments with mind-boggling prizes to boot. Many players love the game because not only does it require luck - it's also a game wherein strategy and skills are highly needed if you want to make yourself famous in this category. In the game, there are varieties of card combinations or hands which are ranked from the highest valued hand to the lowest valued hand. It goes without saying that the one with the superior hand wins and although the process is simple, everything in between isn't. In this game, your keen sense on when to call and fold is key to staying on the table until you win and if you are reckless, you could very well say goodbye faster than you think.


When it comes to an exciting atmosphere, Craps definitely takes the spot for it. The table for craps, in almost any establishment, is filled with hustle and bustle of tons of gamblers as they await who would roll the dice and whether the number they've guessed will be the result of the throw. There's little equipment needed for this game but, there's no denying that it's one of the most fun casino card game out there.

Video Poker

Another famous variant of card game out there is the video poker machine or game, famous for both offline and online casinos. Back in the days, there were some casinos out there which have been prohibited to render table games like poker and thus, they've incorporated some games into machines, one of which is the video poker game. The video poker showcases a five-hand card game where the goal is just like in pokies and you just have to get a hand with higher value. You spin the reels and voila! The result would give you payouts based on the paytable of the game. There are tons of variants of this game coupled with their own payouts and other features. There's the jacks or better, Deuces, Wild, Joker's Wild, Tens or Better, Bonus Poker, Double Bonus and a whole lot more. This video game machine is also what brought forth themed slots wherein instead of cards, different icons of their themes were placed instead, giving a whole new experience to players in a more engaging fashion.